Présentation du projet au Salon Cartes 2012

Participation au Salon Cartes 2012 présentation du projet Lyrics dans la session « Trust : from security to privacy by design » du mercredi 7 novembre, par Olivier Maas (Atos Worldline) et Guillaume Dabosville (Oberthur Technologies)

Lien sur le programme du Salon cartes 2012 :

Présentation en pj : Privacy in the Setting of Contactless Mobile Services – Cartes 2012


Expected outcomes

We expect to specify a high-level applicative architecture for privacy-preserving contactless mobile services (CMS) which could serve as a basis for standardization and future market offerings in this area.

The innovations expected from the project are the emergence of low-cost cryptographic primitives and protocols for the controlled disclosure of personal information in the context of contactless mobile services. We target, for typical contactless transactions, a running time on the NFC-enabled mobile phones of the order or less than 1 second. For transactions subject to stronger time constraints, such as those involved in transportation ticketing services, we expect to lower this bound to about 150 milliseconds.

Our results will be disseminated by:

  • Patents and publications in the most influential conferences in the related scientific field and in commercial workshops.
  • Taking part to standardisation efforts to orient current standardization initiatives and promote the promising solutions developed within LYRICS.
  • The industry partners may reuse the project outcomes to build on top of their own security products or services.