SIMPATIC (SIM and PAiring Theory for Information and Communications security)


SIMPATIC (SIM and PAiring Theory for Information and Communications security) is a cooperative project funded by ANR (French Research Agency) in the call “Ingénierie Numérique et Sécurité  (INS 2012).

Bilinear pairings are special kinds of functions that map pairs of points on groups to points in a third group. They make it possible to design cryptographic schemes with new properties that seem to be difficult to achieve in a more traditional public key cryptography setting, such as cryptography without Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), shorter signatures, cryptosystems with additional properties, or more secure systems.

The aim of the SIMPATIC (SIM and PAiring Theory for Information and Communications security) project is first to provide the most possible efficient and secure hardware/software implementation of a bilinear pairing in a SIM card.

This implementation will be next used to improve and develop new cryptographic efficient algorithms and protocols in the context of mobile phone and SIM cards. These pairing-­based cryptographic tools will be finally used to develop or improve the security of several mobile phone based services. The project will more precisely focus on e-­ticketing and e-­cash, on cloud storage and on the security of contactless and of remote payment systems.

The partners of the project are:

  • Orange Labs
  • ENS
  • Oberthur Technologies
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Université Bordeaux 1
  • Université de Caen Basse-­Normandie
  • Université de Paris VII

Participation du projet Lyrics à la journée NFC/SSO au CNAM

Présentation d’un poster sur le projet coopératif Lyrics lors de la journée dédiée au montage de l’action CNRS SSO (Secure Smart Objects) au  CNAM le 29 Mars 2013 : poster-lyrics-fr


Samia Bouzefrane et Pierre Paradinas (CNAM, Labo CEDRIC)

Maryline Laurent (Telecom SudParis, Labo SAMOVAR)

Pierre Métivier (Forum des services mobiles sans contact)

Sponsors :

ASF (ACM SIGOPS France), l’ASR GDR du CNRS et Télécom SudParis

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Related projects

Several national, European or international collaborative projects on specific aspects of « Privacy and Identity Management » have been launched in the past five years. PRIME[1], PrimeLife (PRIME’s follow-up project), PICOS (Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services)[2] COPRIM (Contactless Privacy Manager) and ABC4Trust (Attribute-Based Credentials for Trust) [3], are representative projects in this area. In contrast to all of those projects, LYRICS puts a strong emphasis on conceiving and implementing innovative cryptographic primitives, and specifically addresses the computational constraints faced by embedded applications.

Our project bears some similarities with the European FP6 project PRIME (PRivacy and Identity Management for Europe) whose goal was to develop a framework and a number of tools allowing a user to manage his identity and to protect his privacy in the cyberspace. The main difference however is that we are focusing on real-world near-field transactions using low resources devices (NFC-enabled mobile phones) whereas PRIME was focusing exclusively on the on-line setting (Internet transactions performed on powerful devices such as personal computers). Moreover the privacy-enhancing cryptographic tools developed during the course of this project are mainly based on those used in the Idemix system and therefore would not be suitable for resources constrained devices such as SIM cards and mobile phones.