Certified by the SCS world competitiveness cluster

Lyrics project is certified by E-Secure Transactions cluster (website).

The SCS world competitiveness cluster has a genuine ambition: to become the unavoidable and recognized player in the field of Secured Communicating Solutions by covering the entire value chain of ICT business lines, from silicon to usages:

  • Microelectronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Software

It will do this based on focused, differentiating Smart Areas Specialisation (SSAs): contactless technology; networks, M2M & mobile services; digital security & identities

For the benefit of high-growth markets: Health, Pharmaceuticals, Trade, Mass Retail, Transport & Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Financial Institutions, the Environment, Recycling, Consumer Electronics, Administration, Energy, Smart Grids, Smart Meters, and so on.

Description of the Lyrics project:  http://en.pole-scs.org/projet/lyrics?popup=1

Certified by the E-Secure Transactions cluster

Lyrics project is certified by E-Secure Transactions cluster (website).

The cluster’s aims :

The Lower Normandy Region offers unique advantages, reuniting the essential skills and expertise for the accomplishment of an ambitious secure electronic transactions programme.

In order to seize market opportunities and to guarantee the protection of key technologies, the cluster’s ambition is to shape the secure electronic transactions sector and to become:

  • Within five years, the European point of reference in terms of R&D, training and industrial development in the field of secure electronic transactions;
  • A pilot region, cradle of large scale product, service and usage experimentation;
  • A place of influence and convergence of knowledge and know-how based on the capacity to materialise innovative projects and to conclude cooperative partnerships on a national and international scale.

Description of the project in french : http://www.pole-tes.com/web/portal/website/content/modules/projet2/projet2.do?websiteId=1&navigableId=374&projet2Id=208