ANR- 11-INSE-013

The ANR (French National Research Agency) is a research funding organisation. The Agency was established by the French government in 2005 to fund research projects, based on competitive schemes giving researchers the best opportunities to realise their projects and paving the way for groundbreaking new knowledge. The role of the Agency is to bring more flexibility to the French research system, foster new dynamics and devise cutting edge-strategies for acquiring new knowledge. By identifying priority areas and fostering public-private collaborations, the ANR also aims at enhancing the general level of competitiveness of both the French research system and the French economy.

Digital Engineering & Security – INS

The objectives of the INS research programme are the emergence of new paradigms, technologies, methods and tools to design digital systems consisting in integrated hardware and software in which security, dependability and energy efficiency are essential concerns. This affects the engineering of complex digital systems based on components, building blocks and applications.

Security stresses the design of high-confidence digital systems, their implementation and monitoring. The uncontrolled proliferation of connected digital systems also uses concepts such as protection assurance: « security by design ». Key challenges are concerned by dependability of critical systems, fidelity (customers viewpoint on brand reputation for products and services), the problems of energy consumption, the economy of software and hardware, i.e., the rationalization of fabrication (costs, delays) without compromising the quality and by creating higher added value for products and services that differentiate from competitors.