Technical tasks

The work within LYRICS is conducted along six technical tasks.

Task 1 aims at ensuring that the project meets or exceeds its expectations, at overseeing the dissemination of the results and monitoring relevant standardization activities.

The main goals of Task 2 are to analyse several contactless mobiles services (e.g. m-ticketing, m‑payment, etc.) and formulate their associated privacy risks (privacy threat model); as well as to design an overall architecture for privacy‑preserving contactless mobile services and survey tools that can help the user to manage his own privacy, taking into account the points of view, knowledge and social representations of the general public on these subjects.

In Task 3, we will concentrate on the conception of lightweight privacy-enhancing cryptographic (PEC) mechanisms for contactless mobile services. We will in particular investigate solutions that consider the SIM card as a tamper-resistant hardware as well as protocols using a dedicated crypto-processor and/or securely delegating some non-critical parts of the private computation to the mobile phone to improve efficiency.

The main goal of Task 4 consists in selecting and specifying one of the various privacy-enhancing contactless services studied in the Task 2. We expect the service to be an m-ticketing application or a service based on a specific business case arising from the Japanese market.

The goal of Task 5 is to develop the prototype of the privacy-preserving contactless mobile service   which includes the software components on the SIM, mobile, service and identity provider side. The prototype will aim at demonstrating one use case selected from Task 4.

The main goal of Task 6 will be first, to implement the security components for protecting the SIM-embedded prototype and second, to elaborate a platform that generates attacks against the mobile software part of the use case designed in Task 4.