Welcome to the LYRICS project !

LYRICS, Lightweight privacY-enhancing cRyptography for mobIle Contactless Services, is a cooperative project funded by ANR (French Research Agency) in the call “Ingénierie Numérique et Sécurité  (INS 2011).

The next generation of mobile and smart phones will integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. With the fast emergence of this contactless technology, mobile phones will soon be able to play the role of e-tickets, credit cards, transit pass, loyalty cards, access control badges, e-voting tokens, e‑cash wallets, etc.

The main goal of LYRICS is to enable end users to securely access and operate these contactless services in a privacy-preserving manner that is, without having to disclose their identity or any other unnecessary information related to personal data. More specifically, we intend to design new innovative cryptographic solutions that achieve the fundamental privacy principles such as data minimization, which states that only the information that is strictly necessary to complete a particular transaction should be disclosed (and nothing more).

Référence ANR du projet LYRICS : ANR- 11-INSE-013